quinta-feira, 3 de abril de 2014

Out of reach.

Should we separate ourselves from everybody?
I was always so against this kind of behavior
But now it makes sense to me
Should I be less selfish
about the concept of wanting you only for me?
Should I be less hopeful?
I still think we should exile ourselves from the rest of the world
In this gross damn Earth
I wring my soul, beat on the wall
every time I see how you bend your knees
When you see reality as it really is
I'm half of your size but I wanna wrap you on me and protect you
You look like fortress but you are sensitive
I look like I'm nothing, but I'm only a closed and locked book
Preparing myself to open up for you
And let you be part of me
I wish sometimes I was dead
because we taste so peacefully
Heaven isn't alike like us
And no one knows how it is
We are out of reach,
I hope
Only yours, I am.